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Designer Sylvain-Jean Pierre Rebuffet doing what he does best!

  • Creator and Designer of Diaparis.

Diaparis creator and French designer Sylvain Jean-Pierre Rebuffet has a different vision like no other. He has an incredible eye for pairing gemstones and coming up with unique combinations. In his jewelry designs he merges gems and metals into an organic whole. He has an amazing command of craftsmanship, materials, color and the ability to combine them all to create a one of a kind piece. He hand sketches all of his designs and still continues to do so but has also mastered the 3d designing, that allows his clients to view the designs in 3d. He takes pride that all his creations are made in the United States with the utmost precision. He oversees that all his designs are made to perfection and that the satisfaction of the customer is the number one priority. Jewelry for him is defined as a timeless collection and a piece of art. Next blog features the 3d designing and process.


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