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DiaParis Custom Designing Process


The process of a custom design at DiaParis begins with an appointment with designer Jean-Pierre Rebuffet. Whether the piece will be an engagement ring, earrings, pendants, fashion rings, bracelets, men’s jewelry or that special gift, it will be the same creative process. Jean-Pierre guarantees to give you the jewelry that you have been dreaming of. 

His sketches are created to illustrate all the ideas discussed through the consultation. This helps to express the scale, design, gemstone settings and develops the overall direction and  finally the design is emerged. When the design is approved the next step begins…Creation.

Jean-Pierre then translates all that was noted and discussed into a three dimensional model where he enhances his artistic talent by using computer aided design (CAD). The design is created by using a computer software. This enables the customer to view the jewelry in three dimension before it is cast. Once a final approval is given by the client he begins. He then uses a high precision 3D printing and milling technology to make a wax model of the computer design. This wax is more than a just a model -this becomes the actual piece through the lost-wax casting process. 

After the wax is cast, then the design is transformed through metals and gemstones. The casted piece is sanded and polished which removes any rough or dull areas. Traditional skilled craftsmen in the workshop remove any rough and dull areas.  Techniques are used to complete if or any details are needed in the jewelry design which might include engraving and setting of the gemstones. After all this process is completed the jewelry piece is brought to a final polish.

Once each piece is perfected it is then marked with the precious metal content as well as the DIAPARIS logo to assure its quality and value. All of DiaParis pieces are copyrighted and their design is reserved by the artist. Sylvain Jean-Pierre Rebuffet, creating an original jewelry creation to be treasured for generations. 

Creative process begins per customers request.

Top view of custom CAD design.

Side view of CAD design.

Color rendering per customers request for approval before printing and casting.

Lost wax casted ring to be polished, antique finished and set with gemstones.

Final product front view of the polished and antique finished customized pirate ring.

Side view

Back view

Each custom piece is copyrighted and engraved with a DiaParis Logo.

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